I Started Using my Essential Oil Starter Kit 1 Year Ago…Here’s Why I’m in Love with Essential Oils Now

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One year ago I bought my Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit. I had been interested in trying out essential oils for a while, but I was nervous to make the investment. What if this was just another MLM I supported but I didn’t LOVE the products?! Hesitant but hopeful, I signed up and bought the Young Living Essential Oil starter kit during the middle of November 2017.

Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit

Just so you have a little bit of a background on me, I was interested in Young Living essential oils because I’m not a huge fan of taking medicine. I will take it if necessary, but I’d rather have a natural option to go to. This is a result of my personal medical background, allergies, and fitness/health industry knowledge. After years of struggling with extreme allergies, researching how to improve my health and heal, I learned about the absolute JUNK that is in so much of what we consume. Since my body is personally so sensitive, I am always looking for a more natural solution to daily aches and pains.

So, what comes in the Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit? 10 primary essential oils and a bonus Stress Away Oil. Stress Away is my absolute favorite essential oil right now and I REALLY need to add it to my order next month! It also comes with an essential oil diffuser, some essential oil samples, Ningxia Red samples, a roller bottle cap, mini essential oil sample bottles, a Thieves cleaner sample, and an informational booklet. Looking back I thought that I was spending so much, but honestly the Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit is an AMAZING DEAL! To get all of these oils and the diffuser separately it would be over $340.00! But, you get the entire essential oil starter kit for $160.00 plus tax + shipping.

Once I received my essential oil starter kit in the mail, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I was definitely excited to start using the essential oils but I honestly had no idea where to start. I would say that if you are a beginner to essential oils, there’s definitely a learning curve. Thankfully my friend who helped me start with Young Living essential oils was able to bring me to a local class and guide me on how to start using essential oils.

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Water infused with Lemon Essential Oil





























The first way I started using my oils was by diffusing them. I would diffuse stress away and lavender often, especially because I work from home. I also started using lemon in my water. Lemon essential oil has so many great benefits for your digestive, immune, and respiratory systems. If you DO add a few drops to your water, make sure to use it in a glass cup or water bottle. Lemon essential oil breaks down plastics (it’s a great goo gone replacement) and you don’t want to consume the plastic particles it breaks down. I also would rub some Panaway on my muscles after working out to relieve any soreness. Panaway smells a bit like Icy Hot but the smell is worth it!! It’s seriously such a great soother for any sore muscles and aches. 

While there are probably a thousand more ways I can share how I used my Young Living essential oil starter kit this last year, I want to move on to WHY I’m an essential oil fan now. The main answer is simply because I noticed that once I started using essential oils, my emotional health drastically improved. Since November 2014 I have struggled with really bad panic attacks. It took a while to figure out what they were, but if any of you suffer through them, you know what I’m talking about. Often, I would get panic attacks that would wake me up out of my sleep in the middle of the night. Anyways, a few months after I started using my essential oil starter pack, I realized that I hadn’t had a panic attack in months. It was apparent that I was calmer and my emotional health overall was in a better place. I didn’t buy the Young Living essential oil starter pack for emotional support, but I knew how blessed I was that it had that impact. I’m not sure what oils/combinations had the impact on me, but I don’t care. After researching I learned that our emotional and mental health is so deeply impacted by our physical health. I purchased my Young Living essential oil starter kit to improve and support my physical health. As a byproduct, my emotional health was positively impacted.

Now, I’m not telling you that I’m cured of anxiety or panic attacks. In the last year I have had a few panic attacks and I still struggle with anxiety. But, my essential oils have been a resource to help my emotional health and I am struggling far less than I was 1+ years ago. That alone has me a believer in the Young Living essential oils!

young living essential oils for pregnancy labor and delivery and a healthy baby

I also found out I was pregnant with my first child a few months after purchasing my Young Living essential oil starter kit. All of you mamas out there know that when you’re pregnant, you are very limited in what you can take for your physical health. By having my starter kit on hand, I was able to use many of the essential oils as support for all of the fun (read not so fun xp) side affects that pregnancy brings. I felt good knowing that I was using natural products and staying healthy for myself and baby. I’ll do a separate post soon about essential oils I used during pregnancy, what I have prepared for labor, and the products I’ll be using when baby arrives here soon!

Overall, I’m a bit obsessed with my Young Living essential oil starter pack. I believe that it’s a great investment-you get SO MUCH for your money. I have run out of about half of my oils and plan to buy another kit soon to replace them because it’s such a great deal. Also, the oils last a really long time! You don’t need a lot because they are so concentrated and many times I dilute them based on what I’m using and what the purpose is.

If you’re thinking about starting to use essential oils, I highly recommend it. I can only share about my experience with Young Living essential oils and their starter kit, but that’s because that’s what I use. I do believe that Young Living has solid company ethics and good quality. But, if you’re looking into essential oils, feel free to go to my link at the top or message me with questions. I’d be happy to share more of my experience or find the answers you’re looking for.

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