When Being Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

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Last Friday, I did a live broadcast on what it means to be unhealthy in our health journey. I know that may sound crazy…but being in the fitness industry, I am seeing this obsession with being healthy often! And that’s exactly what the problem is…that it’s an obsession. Trying to be healthy is a great thing! As a certified personal trainer through ACE, and a healthy living coach and blogger, I advocate for people trying to be healthy. But what I DO NOT advocate for is being obsessed with being healthy. Because any thing that is an obsession is not healthy (in my opinion).

In this video, I talk about how obsessing over anything isn’t healthy. And that’s because we simply don’t habe the time and energy for it. You all have busy lives. You work hard to build a lifestyle uou love, you have family, friends, and hobbies. These are all healthy things to have in your life. But when you start obsessing, those things are harmed. You might put lss energy into work, you don’t enjoy quality timw with pople, and you forget about hbbies uou once loved. And, when you obsess, you start to feel guily if one small decision isn’t as healthy as imight like.

For example, if you eat a steak one night at a wedding…you shoudln;t feel guilty. One steak isn’t going to ruin your fitness goals. Especially because meat isn’t bad to have in your diet if you are eating pretty healthy in general. AND you shouldn’t be worrying about being 100% healthy at a wedding. You should enjoy that once in a lifetime event! Another example I’ve heard is that peple consider quitting their jobs because they can’t wotkout multiple times per day and they cater unhealthy food. Well, you have to make a living somehow (duh). But, second you don’t need to wotkout multiple times per day. You can workout 3-4 times per week to be healthy, keep healthy habits, and there are even little things you can do to get moving at work. And, you don’t have to eat the catered food. You can bring food from home to snack on instead of eating that biweekly pizza.

My point is that if you are obsessing over being healthy, then there are some deeper health concerns than just the physical. This can be emotional or mental, but any obsession with eating or working out is very similar to an eating disorder. And although it’s not a formally recognized eating disorder, orthorexia nervosa is becoming an increasing common health struggle. If you are obsessing over being healthy, losing weight, or eating certain foods-consider if this is actually a healthy habit. If you think about it and it’s not…consider talking to a health coach and getting support from educated resources. You deserve to be healthy and human-not perfect.

You deserve to be healthy. And that means being allowed to be human. You shouldn’t have to obsess over being healthy in order to experience a positive and healthy lifestyle. In fact, you should have balance! You should be able to be consistent, yet enjoy the fun moments in life! THAT is what being healthy is all about-being able to live and enjoy your life and relationships. If you are obsessing over being healthy, you are probably not able to do that. As a certified personal trainer and healthy lifestyle blogger/coach, I want YOU to be healthy and joyful. And able to LIVE your life!

Let me know your thoughts about this blog post and video in the comments. Have you noticed a trend in obsessing over being healthy? Do you want to be healthy enough to enjoy a balanced lifestyle and live your life?

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