This 2016 Health Trend Could Change Your Life

2016 health trend bye bikini body

Every year in the fitness world there are NEW and EXCITING ideas that promise to revolutionize your fitness and health. And every year, these ideas seem to be extreme, fleeting, or just irrelevant to the busy woman. But what if I told you that this 2016 health trend could actually change your life?! I’m excited to say that this 2016 health trend is one that I’m proud to support!

Ladies, I know that you are tired of trying diets that don’t work. I know you don’t have time to workout for an hour or two every single day. I KNOW that you are busy chasing your dreams, making an impact on this world, and being an awesome girl boss! I understand the need to feel beautiful, strong, and worthy in this world that revolves around negativity and comparison. And this 2016 health trend may finally equip you for all of this.

This year, the biggest women’s health trend is to create your best body ever and love yourself in the process. Yes, you heard that right! The biggest 2016 health trend is equipping you to care for your body AND soul by simply….being healthy. The focus is no longer on dropping two sizes in a month or reaching a particular beauty standard set my the media.

So, how did this change come about? Well, hallelujah for Women’s Health because they said goodbye to bikini body and promised that the words wouldn’t haunt their magazine covers again. This is awesome news! A large fitness publication finally gets it! As women, you want to feel strong, healthy, and energized. You don’t want to be searching for a workout or diet that is going to give you society’s version of what a “bikini body” is!

2016 health trend fitness strength

If you are ready to experience freedom from the fitness comparison trap, and are ready to embrace this 2016 health trend, then join me! Here are my tips to ditch the bikini body mindset and become your healthiest self!

  • Understand that your health journey is unique. What works great for someone else might work for you. Embrace how your body is unique and different! Part of the reason we do so much damage to our bodies is because we compare and we base our satisfaction off of others. But, we are all uniquely created and crafted. This year, know that fitness looks different on everyone. Your body won’t be perfect, but it will be on the path to strength and health!
  • Celebrate! Simply put, I want you to celebrate. If you meal prep, be encouraged! Be joyful after you have completed a hard week of workouts. Every little step counts and you should celebrate it. Yes, it will be difficult. Yes, you will make mistakes. But if you celebrate the little things you will start to find changes happening, the process will be more rewarding, and you will begin to find JOY in the process!
  • Ditch the scale. Instead of weighing yourself every day, try to hide the scale. Focus on eating right combined with SMART workouts! Take progress pictures every few weeks to see your body changes (below is an example of progress pictures I took for the current program I’m on). The scale is one dimensional. It can’t show you if you have lost fat and created muscle! It doesn’t recognize if your body is tightened and lean. Ditch the scale and the unhealthy habit of needing to reach a goal weight. No weight will define you or perfect you, but being healthy will bring energy and life to your journey. I hope that you are as excited for this 2016 health trend. I sure am! I am excited to see YOU experience joy and freedom in your health over comparison.

2016 health trend progress pictures

I hope you are as excited about this 2016 health trend as I am. I am so excited to see you experience freedom and joy in your health journey over comparison!

If you are excited about this new health trend in 2016, let me know in the comments. Comment with “I’m ready!” if it’s time for you to experience freedom! And then I want to know, how are you going to approach being healthy in 2016?


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