Skinny and Healthy are not Created Equal

I firmly believe that it is too easy to mix up our fitness priorities. There are plenty of models pictures to look at for motivation, but only a small percentage of women actually look like this. Goals are made to become skinny, have a thigh-gap, reach a lower level of body fat. We may start with good intentions, but the reality is that more often than not, trying to reach these goals does more harm than good. Because, skinny and healthy are not always the same thing.

Skinny doesn’t mean that you are strong. It does not mean that you have enough energy to get throughout your day. It does not always mean that your body is being fueled with enough nutrients to function at peak levels.

Skinny sometimes means that your body is working extra to compensate for what it’s missing from diet and/or exercise. Sometimes it means that you are hungry, grumpy, and deprived. And sometimes, skinny is just the genetic disposition of your body.

Now, I absolutely understand wanting to look your best and to be confident. I’m on that journey myself. But, I want to make sure I’m doing it the healthy way. I want to be energized enough to get through my daily life. I want my body to be fueled by healthy foods so that I can work out, spend time with family/friends, and go on adventures! I want my body to function properly so that I can live a long and enjoyable life. I want to be strong enough to push through daily challenges and come out victorious.


So, maybe you’ll end up skinny by eating right and exercising. But maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll end up having thick thighs and a round butt from squats. Maybe you will end up with glowing skin and energy from a healthy diet. Maybe you’ll end up living a long, healthy life. And what’s wrong with that? I say nothing.

For me, the bottom line is this: Consider more than just skinny, consider healthy. Consider if your body is at its best. Because if it is, you should feel good, and you will definitely look good (whether you’re “skinny” or not). Because there is so much more to being healthy than just skinny.