Should You Consider A Corporate Wellness Program?

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In terms of health education, corporate wellness is a term to be less accepted than other concepts. It’s easy to see corporate wellness as another cost that needs to added. But, what if I told you a corporate wellness program was an investment? Here are three different areas that investing in corporate wellness can benefit your business.

Health Care Costs

As a business owner/leader, you are already paying for health care costs for your employees and their families. As the healthcare system is today, you could be paying high premiums for your employees that are unhealthy. Corporate wellness could be an investment by creating better health habits in your employees, and ultimately leading to an overall healthier person. As written in Forbes, a workplace wellness program can actually lead to large healthcare savings by leading people to be healthy. The national center for disease control and prevention cites that obesity led to a 42% increase in medical costs per person. Many of these costs are taken on by you, the business, in health insurance costs and premiums. Investing in a corporate wellness program means that you are investing in your employees and ensuring that they are healthy. And the healthier your employees are, the less costs you will incur for their healthcare.

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Stress Levels

A corporate wellness program may likely reduce stress levels at work. One of the most positive benefits of exercise and healthy living is the ability to relieve stress. And each workout session can cause a person to relax and de-stress for 1-2 hours immediately afterwards. By incorporating a corporate wellness program within your business, you may be able to create a stress reliever within your company walls. And stress relief will lead to increased work productivity, employee morale, and quality of work. Stress relief is necessary within the walls of your business. Yes, starting, growing, running a business-these are ALL stressful and challenging things. But, stress can have some very adverse side effects. A corporate wellness program has features that can help you and your employees not just relieve stress, but handle it in a way that is productive.


As I just mentioned, reduced stress can lead to increase productivity. But, did you know that healthier individuals tend to be more productive in general? Obesity has been linked to increased direct costs with healthcare, but also with indirect costs in the area of productivity. Implementing a corporate wellness program can decrease productivity losses with both absenteeism and presenteeism. This would mean your business would have a higher percentage of happy, healthy, and productive employees. And a happy workplace and workforce, means a happier bottom line. Right?!

So, what should you look for?

A corporate wellness program is more than just about weight loss. It should be about investing in your employees so they are healthy enough to be the best they can! As a personal trainer and health coach, I would look for these 3 areas to begin implementing a corporate wellness program:

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  1. Fitness: As I mentioned earlier, exercise is a great stress reliever and has many health benefits. Any corporate wellness program you incorporate should include fitness. This can be in the form of a trainer that is available during your office hours, comes in a few times a week for a group session, or having fitness education and gym equipment available.
  2. Balance: When I Say balance, what I really mean is…NUTRITION (ugh! The dreaded word…). But, my approach to nutrition might be a little different than expected. I know it’s not practical to suggest that everyone can eat clean 100% of the time. That’s why it’s necessary to have a balanced diet. This is about 80% healthy eating, and 20% indulgence. Incorporating a corporate wellness program should include nutrition planning (for office functions), as well as education about what a balanced diet looks like. This will give your workplace the freedom to eat healthy, but also indulge so that you and your employees don’t feel restricted.
  3. Lifestyle: Healthy employees are going to be a result of overall lifestyle change. If they’re not already living a healthy lifestyle, a corporate wellness program can teach them how to make healthy changes within the workplace. Consider education as a portion of any corporate wellness program you implement. Since your employees are spending a majority of their awake hours at, thinking, or going to work-education is most likely to be received here. The better overall lifestyle your employees are living, the healthier and more functional they will be.


I would LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What do you think about investing in a corporate wellness program? Do you believe that it could be beneficial to you or your business?


**If you are interested in a corporate wellness program, please feel free to contact me!**

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