Real Estate Role Model and Girl Boss Goals: Joanna Gaines

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As a female entrepreneur, there is always pressure to look a certain way, act a certain way, or even follow a specific mold. But being a girl boss means that there is not only one example to follow, but many. After all, there are a TON of amazing and successful women that have gone before us in the world of entrepreneurship. But, as I build my real estate business and girl boss blog I want to be true to myself, my values, and my personality. To do that, I’m looking to successful women in business that have set the path to success and have done it in a way that’s true to their dreams and vision! girl boss, real estate role model, fixer upper,

So, today I’m writing about Joanna Gaines, co star of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, and a girl after my own heart! I don’t know about y’all, but I am absolutely obsessed with Fixer Upper. It is so refreshing to see genuine, real people on TV. And it doesn’t hurt that Chip and Joanna are living my real life dream. As a REALTOR that wants to begin investing, flipping, and updating my rental portfolio, seeing Joanna on HGTV is such an inspiration! She has her store, show, and her real estate + home construction and renovation business. Of course, it’s not just on her own. She’s got her goofy hubby, Chip, as her go to partner in crime. Can we scream, “Couple Goals”?!?!

real estate role model, girl boss support system, girl boss, entrepreneur
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What intrigues me about Joanna Gaines is not just her success but her journey to where she is at currently. Joanna’s faith persisted even when she had to close her first shop. But now, she has the platform she dreamed about for so long! Not only does she have a successful business, but she has a beautiful family, and her life shows that it’s worth it to persist. Even when persisting is not easy!

Joanna Gaines is a lover of design, faith filled mama and wife, and her personality cracks me up! Her variety of passions inspires me that no matter how eclectic my passions are, I can make them all a part of my brand. Follow Joanna’s lead: Be yourself, have faith, and let what inspires you be a part of your girl boss brand.

girl boss, real estate role model
Baby Blue House before and after via Fixer Upper

Her journey also shows that girl boss success doesn’t happen overnight! Being a successful girl boss is buildable. It takes time, effort, faith, and hope. And YOUR girl boss journey doesn’t have to look like every other journey out there.

girl boss, real estate role model, real estate investing, girl boss
Brick House Renovation from Fixer Upper

If you’re interested in reading more about Chip and Joanna Gaines and their story, you can get their new book. I’m planning on making The Magnolia Story my next read! And for all things inspired by Joanna Gaines and her farmhouse style, check out the Magnolia Market Store.

If you ask me, Joanna Gaines is Girl Boss Goals! Of course, I’m biased because real estate and home renovation is my jam! But, her perseverance and story inspire me beyond the success.

What do y’all think of Joanna Gaines and her Girl Boss Journey?

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