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I’m on a new journey in my career and life. And as a result, so is this blog! Going forward, this will be a lifestyle blog about being a girl boss in business,  creating freedom, and building community. I have dreams to use my story as motivation, education, and hope. Because my journey is not only for me, it’s for you! It’s for the dreamer, the girl boss, the person that wants to live a life of passion. It’s for someone who wants to have freedom not only with their money, but with their time, and energy. It’s for anyone who has ever said, “There has to be more”.

Originally, I created this blog to be solely a source of inspiration, advice, and guidance in health and fitness. I was trying so hard to build a business centered around women’s fitness and health. Until all of a sudden…I wasn’t trying so hard anymore.

It’s not that I’m not still passionate about fitness and health-I totally am! But, being 100% in the fitness industry was not a good fit for me. For some reason this passion of mine wasn’t aligning with my skill set. I didn’t love waking up reading about the newest workouts or health trends. As a personal trainer, I didn’t love being compared to fitness models. I didn’t love thinking about, writing about, talking about fitness and health all day every day. And for some reason my life goals just did not seem to match up with what I was trying to force into this fitness business.

So, I took a risk and I went back to school-only for a few months. Don’t worry, I’m not crazy. In 2015 I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurial Studies and Marketing. My desire for freedom led me to want to start my own business and be a kick butt girl boss! And my battle with health issues lead to my passion for fitness. Naturally, I started combining the two together. But, the truth is that being in the business of fitness was not what I love. I LOVE helping people. I LOVE marketing. I LOVE analyzing trends, numbers, etc. I LOVE business. And real estate is a business of business.

So, I went to real estate school for a few months while working as a sales stylist at David’s Bridal. I finished the classes, studied my butt off for my licensing exams, interviewed different brokerages, and then voila! I became a licensed REALTOR in Phoenix, Arizona. But, the hard work didn’t stop there. I had to get set up with my brokerage, go through a crash course training, and then start a new business from scratch!

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And it has been tough! But it has also been amazing! The great thing about real estate is that I am my own boss. But, I also have a ton of successful people around me that I can learn from. There are systems in place that actually work, and my brokerage guides me on how to build my business. And I realized that real estate is where I belong!

Fitness and health fuels my life, my business, and my passions. I will always be grateful for the experiences that led me to choose living a healthy lifestyle. And, I will still share my favorite workouts, tips, and products along the way. But, my passion is to be a real estate girl boss, investor, and even a coach one day!

So, I hope that you will join me on this journey. Join me on a journey to living a life of freedom, building the careers of our dreams, and giving back in the process! I will be creating a girl boss community that encourages, guides, educates, and brings together each and every girl boss that wants in! Let’s band together as girl bosses, world travelers, and hope givers.

Today is our day to make a change and yell, “Plot Twist! I’m taking control over my life!” Join me on this adventure and in this girl boss lifestyle.

freedom. lifestyle. business, blog. real estate. az. realtor. girl boss.
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