Mindset: The Key to Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy is a lifestyle. It’s more than just weight loss, strength, training, and nutritious foods. These are all really important aspects. But the KEY to a healthy lifestyle is your mindset.

Your mindset is what will drive you to approach a healthy lifestyle. It will be what keeps you in a healthy lifestyle. It will motivate you and cause you to search deeper within yourself and the journey. Your mindset will be what causes you to forgive yourself for mistakes, embrace grace and self-love, and propel you to become the best version of yourself. Because above a good looking body is a healthy heart.

From my experience, you are not going to be healthy until you have a healthy mindset. You might be able to stick it out for a few weeks or months, but eventually the purely physical will no longer be a motivating factor. As you age, and your body changes the one thing that will be constant are your mental and emotional abilities. Your mindset is the most important thing you can continually work on for a healthy lifestyle.

peaceful healthy lifestyle mediateFill your mindset with positive thoughts. Surround yourself with positive people. Work on being positive to yourself daily. Being positive is the first step towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. Positive thoughts will encourage you and remind you why you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Positive thoughts will also remind you of how great you really are. You are important, beautiful, talented, and cared for.

Grow your confidence. This one may be hard. It’ll take time for some of you, and it will be a battle. We are surrounded by images, ideals, and standards that will make us think that we have no reason to be confident. But the truth is that you DO. You have so many reasons to be confident. Be confident in your body and the fact that it has the potential to do amazing things! Have confidence in your abilities and where they have brought you up to date, and where they can take you in the future. Be confident in the fact that there is good left to come in your life! If you’ve been in a downward spiral, have confidence that it WILL get better. Confidence will help you to believe and embrace your life, your future, and bring you closer to a healthy lifestyle.

Spend time in rest. Spend time reading, learning, meditating, praying. These activities will enrich your mind and teach you how to relax, to let go, to find peace. These activities are essential for you to learn and embrace in your healthy lifestyle. You can’t be working all the time…sometimes you have to be filled.


Your mindset is the most important factor to achieving a healthy lifestyle. It’s what will keep you moving forward and progressing. And it will be the most rewarding. You are more than just a body. You have a spirit that needs to be filled and loved, and you have a brain that needs to be challenged. Connecting mental, emotional, and physical is the lifestyle. Without the three, you just have a workout or a meal.

Keep your mindset healthy and the physical will follow. Fill your mind with peace, your heart with love, and your body with strength. You are beautiful, strong, and wonderfully made. Embrace it and find YOUR healthy lifestyle.

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