I am Not a Morning Person, and I am Not Successful…Yet

Good morning everyone, actually it’s not morning at all. And that’s the problem I’m here to share with you all.

I am not a morning person. At all. I love to sleep. I need at least 7.5 hours to function properly. Which is fine, because it is healthy to get sleep. It’s critical for brain function, memory, muscle repair, and more! This is probably not anything new to you, but still, sleep is important!

The problem is that I sleep excessively. I will set alarms to wake up early to get a workout done and start working on my business/blog/or school stuff. Every night, I have the full intention to get up early and be productive. And then the alarm goes off…but I don’t wake up. Sometimes I do, and I turn the alarm off. Other times I don’t even remember turning the alarm off (or ever hearing it for that matter). It’s like there is an inner zombie inside of me…determined to stay asleep for ages.  And then when I wake up late, I already feel defeated and behind in my day. I know that I have wasted a couple of hours just sleeping when I could be productive. It’s so frustrating!

Proverbs 6 says, “How long will you slumber, O sluggard? When will you rise from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding of the hands to sleep-So Shall your poverty come on you like a prowler, And your need like an armed man.”-Verses 9-11. Well, that was convicting. The thing I love about Proverbs is that it shows me wisdom. It gives me the encouragement to change, to work hard and become the best version of myself.

Being a morning person would be so helpful! I could get up early, workout, and start working on my blog. In the afternoons I could go to class, work, and work on my assignments or papers. This is the ideal picture on my head of what a productive day in the life of Braiden would look like.

I have a lot of goals…A LOT. And the thing is, I’m not reaching them. At least not yet. Being a morning person naturally would be ideal. But because I’m a zombie, I have to work at being a morning person.

I know it can be done. There are some days when I work in the morning and I get up at 6 to workout before hand and my day is more productive. But, those days are fewer than I’d like them to be. So one of my goals for the next couple of months is to work on becoming a morning person. It will be difficult. It will take accountability. But it can be done. And that is why I’m sharing this with you.


I’m not the only one with goals. Maybe you already are a morning person, or maybe you’re not (I feel your pain). Maybe you want to start working out regularly. Maybe you don’t sleep enough. Maybe you just want to eat better. Whatever you’re health and fitness goals are, I’m here to help.

So, I am working on a special project. In an attempt to bring goals to the front and excuses to the back, I am working on an accountability product. This will be one where you can be a part of a group that focuses on their health and fitness goals for 30 days. Complete with personal records, and group interaction. I’m hoping that this will be ready for you all by mid- August. It’s in the early planning stages right now, so get excited! One extra thing, I will be in the group with you! I will be posting for accountability, along with encouraging you along the way. And I am SO excited!

If this challenge idea is something you’re interested, or you know someone that may be interested, will you go ahead and share the page? I want to get the word out so we can involve everyone that wants to reach their goals!

I’m not a morning person, and I’m not successful…yet. But, I will be! Comment below with whatever problem you’re facing, along with goal you want to set and achieve!

Have a blessed day!