I’m a Personal Trainer and I Don’t Have a Perfect Body

I spend a lot of time online reading from journals, health magazines, and fitness professionals. So many of these people and publications inspire me and motivate me to make my mark on the health industry. But I just want to be honest with you: I’m a certified personal trainer and I don’t have a perfect body. Here’s why:

 I’m human. Just like each and every other person out there, I’m not perfect. Nor will I ever be. As I began studying for my certification, I would get discouraged at times. There are a TON of images of “perfect” fitness models and competitors out there. Having a perfect body MUST be a qualification for being a personal trainer, right?! Wrong. I’m human and I’m going to have flaws. And this means I will probably never have a perfect body. I DO have an awesome body though. One that allows me to move, to have fun, to walk, to run. I have a body that takes me to places I’ve never been and places that I dream about going. I have a body that God has given me, that is healthy, and I have the privilege of taking care of. So yeah, it’s not perfect. But it’s mine.

Fitness looks different on everyone. This was one of the BEST lessons I learned about in my ACE Personal Training Certification. Some women carry more weight in their lower body, some in their midsection, and some in their arms. So when going through a fitness program, understanding this will help you realize that how you think you’ll look might not look the way your body is designed. Women who are naturally very thin might have a small bone structure, while others may have a naturally large bone structure. But either way, the way you were designed doesn’t mean you’re not fit or you can’t get fit. It just means that your perfect body is going to look different than someone else’s.

Health is more than just an image. Being healthy is way more than how you appear. That’s just the surface. Below your skin there are muscles, bones, ligaments, organs, cells…you get the point. And looking good on the outside doesn’t mean that everything on the inside is working as it should be. So just make sure that your overall goal isn’t to have a perfect body, because that is usually just the goal of looking stunning (and girl, YOU ARE!). But, aim to have a healthy body that runs really well, that is healthy, and giving you the energy and ability to do your everyday tasks.

concept of having the perfect body for YOU

Having a perfect body isn’t going to help YOU. Yes, having a perfect body would be nice. But in all reality, is having a perfect body going to give me experience that will help you? No. Having flaws and areas that need to be strengthened, worked through gives me experience that helps you throughout the entire process. I can understand what you are going through when you have a problem area. I understand what it feels like to have an area that is hard to work on, that sometimes need extra care and attention. I have experience feeling shame about certain areas of my body. (Like the fact that I’ve had cellulite since I was 15 even though I was a competitive athlete and only 110 pounds). But I also have experience with feeling triumphant when I can conquer a workout that was difficult. I can motivate by sharing my personal experiences and what it’s like growing in them. Having a perfect body would never give me any of these. Sure, it would be nice. But being real is so much nicer, it’s even freeing.

So yes, I’m a personal trainer but I don’t have a perfect body. I’m proud of my body and how far it’s come. I am proud of all the ways I can use it and challenge it. I still have goals, just like everyone else. And I’m excited to challenge my body to be healthier, stronger, fitter, faster. And I’m thankful for my body, flaws and all, that I’ve been given. I don’t have a perfect body, but I have a great one that is healthy and I’m learning how to keep it healthy all the time.

What do you think about your body? Let me know in the comments!

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