How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

prevent holiday weight gain

Thanksgiving is over and you might be feeling as stuffed as that turkey you consumed…ha. Okay, jokes over. But did you know that the average person gains 10 pounds over the Holidays? 10 pounds! In about 5 weeks! If you are worried about holiday weight gain, here are my tips to prevent those extra pounds from creeping up.

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Tip 1: Take Care of Your Emotional Health Over the Holidays

prevent holiday weight gain_emotional health

Emotional eating and stress can be one of the biggest causes to weight gain over the holidays. And in order to prevent holiday weight gain. you need to manage your emotional health. Whether you are extremely stressed out, tired, or grumpy try to figure out the causes. Maybe you need to slow down and focus on the holiday itself. Maybe you need to have a very minimal Christmas because holiday shopping makes you grumpy? Or maybe you are DREADING some of the holiday events you have to go to. No matter what it is, identify the areas that you can cut back, cut out, and indulge to foster the best emotional health this holiday season. If you can foster emotional health, you are more likely to feel better. And when you feel better you are more likely to pay attention to how you treat your body. This is why having good emotional health is helpful to prevent holiday weight gain.

Tip 2: Be Realistic About Indulging

prevent holiday weight gain_indulging_portion control

Almost everyone enjoys foods they don’t normally eat, over the holidays. But, being aware that you ARE going to indulge but keep good portions helps prevent holiday weight gain. It’s important to realistically approach holiday eating so that you can set goals. If you know you are going to a holiday party, make sure you grab a small plate. Or make sure you incorporate some healthy foods in with your holiday meals. By approaching holiday eating realistically, you are able to set boundaries. So, acknowledge that you are going to indulge and WHEN. Identify what portions you will keep and what steps you will take to keep them. The last step to be realistic is to plan WHAT healthy foods you can incorporate so you are not only eating junk! Enjoy the indulgences and plan for them so that at the end of the holidays you haven’t gained 10-15 pounds that you’ll never let go of.

Tip 3: Get Moving!

prevent holiday weight gain_run outdoors

I challenge you to activity 3 times per week for 30 minutes. During the holidays, getting workouts in can be tough because of how busy this season is. But, if you are getting in activity you are burning calories and receiving the benefits of physical exercise. And in my video, I explain that 30 minutes of activity, 3 times per week is REALISTIC. Anyone can commit that time! Even if you just got in 10 minutes a day, that would be a realistic, AND positive addition of exercise in your life! Getting in activity is going to help your body prevent holiday weight gain by increasing your mood, burning calories, and caring for your body in this crazy season! I’m not asking you to get to the gym every day and workout for an hour or two. But, I am telling you that even just this small amount of activity is going to help you prevent holiday weight gain and feel better about yourself. This is not to justify eating whatever you want, when you want. But, it is going to be a healthy habit for you that helps reduce bloat, build muscle, and burn fat.

Tip 4: Start Creating Healthy Habits Today

prevent holiday weight gain_healthy habits

The biggest problem with holiday weight gain is that most people don’t lose it after the holidays are over. So more than having a goal to prevent holiday weight gain, you should start practicing healthy habits today. Incorporating healthy habits in your life will naturally help prevent holiday weight gain, and will actually keep you healthier in the new year. Since most people don’t stick to drastic New Year’s Resolutions, you will be one step ahead by implementing healthy habits you can stick to year round! And, rather than get stuck in the spiral of gaining weight and ditching your resolutions days after, you will be well on your way to enjoying a healthy lifestyle, one that is realistic and helps you pursue your life with passion and energy.

Prevent holiday weight gain this year by practicing realistic healthy habits. Identify your areas of weakness, and where you KNOW it’s going to be hard to be healthy. And then plan for how you can be healthy in the midst of it. Your goals should be to enjoy the holidays, find balance, and set realistic healthy habits in your life. And know that it’s more important to begin healthy habits for a healthy life than it it is to prevent holiday weight gain (that will come as a result of your lifestyle).

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post in the comments below! Do YOU struggle with holiday weight gain? Are any of these tips going to be implemented in your lifestyle this holiday season?

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