Affordable Home Accent Upgrade and Decor Ideas

affordable home accent upgrades

If you’ve ever bought a fixer upper, you might know the feeling of shock when you realize just how expensive remodeling your home is going to be! Or, maybe you just moved into your first home ever, and you’re on a tight budget, feeling desperate to make this space your own, without breaking the bank! Either way, I know how expensive home accent upgrades can be. So, I compiled a list of affordable home accent upgrades so you can personalize your space, without spending a high amount in a lot of

Stainless Steel Kit-Paint plain appliances into stainless steel with this kit! This affordable home accent upgrade will transform your appliances to look just like stainless steel. But, if you are upgrading for the sale of your home, don’t try to pass these off as REAL stainless steel!

Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets. Monochromatic cabinets are totally trending right now. Using this chalk paint makes your kitchen have an affordable home accent focal piece, as well as some functionality! This would be great if you have young kids running around! While you’re cooking, they can play without ruining your kitchen. 

Add molding to a plain door for a charming effect. You can add molding and then paint the entire door for an affordable statement!

affordable home accent upgrade-shelving

Add an accent rug. Sometimes trying to create an affordable home accent means permanently altering an aspect of your home. But, an accent rug can completely change the look of a room! And, if you decide you’re not in love with it later down the road, it can easily be swapped out.

Switch out the door knobs. Door knobs are usually a missed opportunity when it comes to upgrading and remodeling. Switching out the door knobs can be an affordable home accent upgrade that will take only a few minutes to upgrade and create a unique accent piece!

DIY Coffee Bar– This cute storage and coffee bar using IKEA and World Market finds would be a great home accent upgrade. It could also be a combo of coffee/tea or alcohol bar. If you had room, a wine fridge could easily fit right next to it!

affordable home accent upgrade
Image via Oh Everything Handmade Blog

Outdoor Bar and Buffet Station-Or, just take the bar outside for entertaining. This affordable home accent upgrade can be a statement in your backyard space! If you are one who entertains, this would be a perfect addition to your backyard space.

Interlocking Flooring-If you have some sort of balcony or outdoor flooring that screams boring, try out this flooring. It’s an easy install and affordable home accent upgrade that will also scream, “Unique”!

Bookcase Staging– I love a good bookcase. It’s perfect for storage but can also be a beautiful accent piece in your home to display pictures and fun trinkets. Try out staging your bookcase with family pictures, candles, fun accents, and , oh, yeah…books!

affordable home accent upgrade_bookcase
Image via Studio 7 Blog

What other affordable home accent upgrades have YOU done? Let me know in the comments below!

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