Healthy Habit Guide: 9 Habits that have Nothing to do with Exercise or Healthy Eating

healthy habit-go outside-wear sunscreen

It might be surprising, but there is more to being healthy than just working out and eating right. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a week of healthy habits. Now, I want to share with you some more that have to deal with your lifestyle. Read my list and consider which healthy habit you are missing in your life today.

Floss: A healthy habit for your teeth

healthy habit_floss_dental

Everyone knows that it’s important to brush your teeth. And if you’re not already brushing regularly, you need to start that ASAP. And start including flossing. I know flossing daily can be a struggle, but even a couple of time per week would be one beneficial healthy habit to include in your routine. Flossing gets out all the stuff that brushing can’t. And, your gums will be healthier as well! This is one of those overlooked healthy habits that you need to have a healthy smile!

Go outside (wear sunscreen)

healthy habit-go outside-wear sunscreen

Did you know that being outside can have physical health benefits? You absorb Vitamin D (which is necessary for emotional health and strong bones and teeth), and being outside can be an instant mood booster! I try to remember to go outside more often as a healthy habit because I do feel better being outside. Just make sure to be careful and wear sunscreen-you’ll avoid the harmful rays that will damage your skin and are responsible for skin cancer!

Change your pillowcase

healthy habit_change pillowcase

This is a healthy habit that is really important for your skin health! Sometimes we forget to change our pillowcase, or sheets, for weeks. Or longer…. And the oils from our skin and hair, plus dead skin cells, and dust build up in those fabrics. This build up can cause break outs for your skin or even allergic reactions from breathing in the dust and skin cells. This is a healthy habit you’ll probably need a reminder for. So when you are doing your laundry, put a note on the washer to change your pillowcase (and sheets) so you don’t forget!


Just like dust builds up in our fabrics, it builds up in our house as well. Dusting is a healthy habit to keep in order to prevent allergic reactions. Dusting is easy to overlook, but dust more often to prevent a buildup and you’ll have less to do.


Moisturizing is a healthy habit to keep for your skin, especially during the cooler months! Moisturizing is good for not only the feeling of skin, but keeping nutrients in your skin. If you have any type of skin condition (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) you NEED to moisturize! Moisturizing is also beneficial to keep your skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles, so make sure to keep that lotion around for continual hydration!

Drink water


Water has so many health benefits…but this is a healthy habit so many of us overlook! Keep this healthy habit by carrying around a cute water bottle or cup that will be an accessory but still keep you healthy! You can also add fruit or lemon/lime juice to add flavor so it’s not so boring. If you are working out, make sure you drink enough water (so you don’t become dehydrated) and cause muscle damage with cramps or tears!


You are the only one that has control over your mind, body, and soul. Keep up your healthy habits with self-development. Self-development is beneficial to grow your thoughts, challenge your everyday thinking, and help you become the best version of yourself. Whether this is through reading, meditation, podcasts, or journaling, spend at least an hour a week on self-development. You are worth the investment!


healthy habit_laughter

I don’t know what you find funny, but laughter is a healthy habit you need in your life. Watch a comedy show, read funny quotes, or spend time with friends that you love-laughter will surely come. Laughter has physical AND emotional health benefits. Destress, relax, and recharge by making sure that you can laugh (at the appropriate times, of course) in your life.

Social Time

healthy habit-social life

Keeping social time in your calendar is the last healthy habit (on this list) that’s vital to keep. You need relationships to function fully. Keep time for family, friends, networking, and volunteer events. These help you to wind down, have vital conversation, and keep you sane. So schedule time (even if just an hour) that you are working on your relationships! You were not meant to live this life alone. So build and keep healthy, functioning relationships to give and receive support in this crazy life.


Were you surprised by this list of healthy habits? I know they don’t have anything to do with working out or eating healthy foods, but they are necessary for your overall health. It may be hard to incorporate every single healthy habit at once, but work them in small bits at a time. Give yourself grace, you are just one person. Eventually you will find the healthy balance that works for you!


What are your thoughts on these lifestyle healthy habits? Are you going to incorporate any of these into your routine? Is there a healthy habit YOU believe should be included in this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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