Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Consistency

For many of you, healthy eating may be a huge challenge in your lifestyle right now. If that’s how you feel, let me reassure you that it’s totally normal to feel challenged or even nervous at the attempt of healthy eating. But I look at healthy eating as lifestyle consistency rather than a burden I’m facing. Here’s how:

 I look for balance in my foods. I try to generally eat good carbs, lean proteins, healthy fats, and a ton of fruits and veggies. I rotate my foods a lot (having a TON of food allergies will do that to you). But I also eat chocolate and ice cream. I drink coffee on a regular basis, and every so often drink wine or a margarita. And I don’t really feel bad about my diet often. Because the truth is that, healthy eating is all about balance. I make most of my food healthy (80%) and then indulge every so often (20%). I don’t ever want to be on vacation or in a new place and feel guilty because I ate something or tried a new food that wasn’t a 60/30/10 ratio…how horrible would that be?!

I don’t eat food I don’t like. I don’t eat healthy because I hate my body, so I’m not going to eat something that doesn’t taste good. If I didn’t like veggies this might be different (I might have to sneak them in somehow). But, I’m not forcing myself to shove organic greens down my throat. For example, I tried chards and butternut squash once….and HATED them! I was really disappointed because I do consider myself a healthy eater. But, I just could not force myself to eat that meal! And so I didn’t. I’m also not a fan of making fake cookie dough with chickpeas. I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t taste nearly as good as cookie dough. I think it tastes quite gross, actually. So I don’t eat it. Instead every once in a while, I make gluten free cookies or a cookie dough dip. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean I’ll always have a preference for it.


Sometimes you have to lose balance before you can come back to center. This means that sometimes I realize I’m eating too much of one thing, or not enough of the other. I don’t feel bad about it once I realize. Instead, I readjust. Eating too many sweet potatoes and not enough leafy greens? That’s okay! Make the adjustment. Healthy eating takes time. It’s all about the long run. You’re running a marathon, not sprinting.

I make and try new recipes that are healthy alternatives. Sometimes when you reset, you’re really in need of healthy eating meals only for a certain timeline. These are the times that it’s really important to make healthy eating alternatives. Try making a healthier dessert option, adding fruits and veggies instead of sugars, and lean proteins and veggies during your cooking. You’ll find substitutions that you actually enjoy that help you stick with healthy eating.

Healthy eating appears to be a daunting task for many. And many feel guilty if they don’t only eat super foods. But healthy eating is meant to be a positive lifestyle choice. You are learning to fuel your body for good and treat it as a temple. That takes time and learning. Take it one day at a time and encourage yourself…making mistakes happens to everyone! How you deal with it is what makes the difference! Are you trying healthy eating? Let me know your healthy eating struggles and victories in the comments!

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