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On my journey to pursuing a healthy lifestyle, I have found that health includes much more than fitness and nutrition. There are so many habits and products that we have that impact our health. So, finding healthy beauty products has been such a relief since beauty and skincare products can seriously impact our health! Did you know that most of our makeup has a ton of chemicals in it?! If you have sensitive skin, you might have no other option BUT healthy beauty products. So check out these healthy beauty products to freshen up your look!

DIY Healthy Beauty Products:

Cheek & Lip Stain:

I love the idea of doing a natural lip or cheek stain. Fruit infused and natural oils make this a simple and healthy beauty staple to keep in your beauty regimen! Try out one of these recipes for a fruity, natural spin on lip stain!


DIY Beetroot Cheek & Lip StainGet an all-natural, rosy glow this winter with our easy-to-make beetroot cheek & lip stain. ?

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Or here are 3 more options with FRESH fruit right here


#DIY Berry Lip Stains#DIY Berry Lip StainsSource: Top Knot

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Sugar Wax:

This is a healthy beauty substitute because these are simple, natural ingredients. If you are worried about chemicals, this will be the perfect substitute for waxing at home. But take caution! This healthy beauty substitute requires careful attention to temperature! Make sure you don’t burn yourself with sugar wax that is too hot!

Face Exfoliator:

This is a great, easy recipe for an at home face exfoliator! Healthy beauty has never been as easy as this DIY! All you need is to mix green tea and sugar. Try this exfoliator out for a refreshing, natural beauty substitute to your normal products!


Healthy Beauty and Makeup Companies:

100 percent pure is an all-natural, organic makeup company. Their healthy beauty products are fresh, natural, and mostly plant (fruit) based! They pride themselves on being cruelty and chemical free-which I think is a definite plus! Last year, I received a blackberry died mascara from 100 Percent Pure in my Birchbox, and let me tell ya ladies! It is THE BEST smelling mascara I’ve ever…smelled? Haha you get the point, it smells good! Our makeup can often be the cause of breakouts and allergic reactions, but natural makeup can definitely help prevent those reactions!

make up brush_healthy beauty products

The Green Kiss, although not a makeup brand itself, is an online curation of natural, healthy beauty products. From make up to skin care, they have sought the best healthy beauty items for you! They have a wide selection with multiple brands, so that you can find the best beauty items for YOUR routine!


Fit Glow Beauty is a natural skin care and make up company. This healthy and natural beauty company is dedicated to bring your synthetic, paraben, dye, and cruelty free beauty items. And even better, they have great reviews on the wear and coverage of their makeup!  

Here is an infographic by Positive Health Wellness that will help you stay away from makeup products filled with gluten. Celiac’s unite! Many of the above mentioned brands also stay away from gluten leaving you to feel safe and healthy with your beauty routine!

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Which Makeup Brands Are Gluten-Free?


Have you ever thought about switching to natural and healthy beauty products? I haven’t completely made the switch, but I would definitely love to care for my skin in that way! I’m glad that there are more brands coming out with healthy beauty products for our skin. What are your thoughts on healthy beauty products and the DIY options?! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!      




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