The Fool Proof Way to Reach Your Health Goals in 2016

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So it’s the New Year, and you may, or may not have set resolutions that have already failed. So how in the world do you set and reach your health goals in 2016?! The answer is simple: Plan for success!In order to reach your health goals, you have to plan for success. In my latest video I talk about two simple ways that you can start to plan so that you are able to reach your health goals.


Planning is the key to success in everything you do. At work, you create and follow a schedule or system to be efficient and reach deadlines. So, why do we think it should be different for our health?

These two planning tips are my favorite because they are simple, effective, and time saving! Who doesn’t want to save time in 2016?! I do!

The first step to reaching your health goals in 2016 is to PLAN YOUR WORKOUTS. I like to say plan your workouts like you would plan a date. Put it on your schedule, planner, phone, and stick to it! Give yourself enough time to get it done (you wouldn’t cut a coffee date short with a friend you love talking with!) and get recover for the rest of your day. Even if you only have 10-20 minute chunks of time, put them in your calendar! If you don’t, it’s likely that something else will come along in the day and replace your workout. Hey, that even happens sometimes when we DO schedule our sweat sesh!

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Step two is to plan your meals out for the week! Right now I am doing a pick two option (thanks to my coach for giving me the idea) so that I have variety, but not too much that I am spending a lot of time on meal prep. I know that life gets crazy. So plan your meals ahead for the week, make a menu, and make your grocery list based off of that! Then take Sunday or Monday to prep your meals! This will help you reach your health goals in 2016 by saving you time, energy (you won’t have to prep EVERY. SINGLE. DAY), and money. You will spend less time at the grocery store because you bought most of your food at once (with the exception of restocking fresh fruits and veggies). And, by sticking to your list, you are reducing the option to eat “bad foods” that you weren’t planning on eating.

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Some of the most successful people plan their workouts into their day, every day! When you schedule something, you are making it a priority! And when you make it a priority you are more likely to desire to make the changes and become BETTER!

These are the simplest 2 ways to reach your health goals in 2016. I could give you more tips, but it’s best to start small and work your way up! But, I want you to try these tips out!

If you think that these tips might help you, comment below with what your plan for NEXT week is. Let’s keep each other accountable and reach our health goals in 2016 by planning!


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