Healthy Holiday Guide: Enjoy the Holidays with Balance

healthy holiday guide_stay healthy

It’s the holiday season again, and we know what that means: busy schedules, parties, and lots of food! But after comes the guilt! And then the broken New Year’s Resolution shortly after. Here’s my healthy holiday guide to help you prevent weight gain and guilt, and get you started in making healthy habits that last […]

My Journey to a Gluten Free Diet: A Story About the Ugly and Uglier Truth

gluten free diet_bread

Nobody expects that when you’re 18, you’re going to be diagnosed with a million food allergies and have to start a strict gluten free diet. BUT, that’s what happened to me. And as a bread lover, this was TORTURE. Eventually though, leading this gluten free diet (as well as my other allergies) led me to […]

7 Areas of Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle

motivation for a healthy lifestyle

As a personal trainer and a health coach, I’m often asked, “Where do you find motivation for a healthy lifestyle?” And over the last few years I’ve noticed that finding motivation for a healthy lifestyle is one of the biggest struggles people have (myself included sometimes)! Not everyone’s motivation will be the same, but here are seven areas to motivate you to a healthy lifestyle! See which ones might be motivation for you and try them out.