My Journey to a Gluten Free Diet: A Story About the Ugly and Uglier Truth

gluten free diet_bread

Nobody expects that when you’re 18, you’re going to be diagnosed with a million food allergies and have to start a strict gluten free diet. BUT, that’s what happened to me. And as a bread lover, this was TORTURE. Eventually though, leading this gluten free diet (as well as my other allergies) led me to […]

7 Areas of Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle

motivation for a healthy lifestyle

As a personal trainer and a health coach, I’m often asked, “Where do you find motivation for a healthy lifestyle?” And over the last few years I’ve noticed that finding motivation for a healthy lifestyle is one of the biggest struggles people have (myself included sometimes)! Not everyone’s motivation will be the same, but here are seven areas to motivate you to a healthy lifestyle! See which ones might be motivation for you and try them out.