A Week of Healthy Habits

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Health consists of more than just what you’re body looks like. It is a life approach to loving and caring for your body, mind, and spirit. But to actually do that can be quite overwhelming. We look at the big picture and see a million (okay maybe not that many) healthy habits we would have to do for a balanced life. But, instead of focusing on the end result and becoming overwhelmed, I thought I’d help to start with a week of healthy habits. One for each day, that can get you started towards a healthy and balanced life.

These healthy habits are meant to be a guide as you seek emotional, mental, and physical health. You can’t do all things and habits at one time. This week long guide uses just one habit per day to focus on. This gives you a more manageable approach to healthy living!

Day 1: Prepare

Preparation is one of many healthy habits that are going to help your mind! Prepare for the week by setting goals. Get a look at your schedule and identify what your busy times are going to be. Use a little bit of time to mentally prepare yourself for what you will face this week. Are you excited? Are you nervous? Do you have any “big” projects/events this week? This time should prepare you for the week. It should help you identify what you’ll be expecting this week.

Day 2: Shop

One of the many healthy habits for your physical health is to go grocery shopping. This helps you to choose and get whole, nutritious food for your busy life. And when you shop for healthy food, you are more likely to eat healthy. At least once a week, take time to head to the grocery store, or local farmer’s market, for some healthy and fresh produce! You’ll feel better once you start eating healthier because you actually have healthy food around!

Day 3: Learn

We can never know enough! Whether it has to do with your career, a passion, or current events-spend a little bit of time each week on learning! This is one of the healthy habits that will sharpen your mind and keep you learning throughout your life. Along the way, you might discover interests that you never knew about! And, the more you learn the better you will be to have an understanding of this complex world! And, if you want to keep sharp as you age, check out this post on brain function.

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Day 4: Pray/Meditate

Life can be stressful, overwhelming, and tiring. As the week goes on, these feelings can be exaggerated! Prayer and meditation is always a good way to wind down, identify your weaknesses and struggles, and give the burden to something bigger than yourself. This is one of the healthy habits I try to do in my life every day. But, once a week I try to spend extra time and focus on it. It helps me to refocus on my faith, trust in God, and come to him with all of the emotions and excitements of this life. This is one of the healthy habits I delight in for my spiritual health!

Day 5: Enjoy Relationships

Relationships may seem frivolous to having a healthy life, but they are actually vital! Whether it is your friendships, families, or mentors…spending time on your relationships is one of the best healthy habits you can have. This is because relationships are meant to better you, to make you laugh, to pick you up when you’re down. They provide accountability and value to your life. When you spend time on your relationships you are giving and receiving experience and memories. Relationships will help your emotional strength, energy, and health.

Day 6: Move Around

Obviously I think you should be moving multiple times per week (about 3-4x). But, one day a week you should get moving doing something you really love! This can be hiking, running, rock climbing, wakeboarding…whatever you really ENJOY. Get moving doing something that that you like for a full hour once a week. This one of the healthy habits that will burn calories, relieves stress, and provides those feel good endorphins after!

Day 7: Rest and Be Thankful

Rest is vital to your health and physical recovery. Spending one day a week in rest will be good for your body and your mind! This is one of the healthy habits that I find most difficult! Our world is constantly moving and we feel like we have to also! But, that is exactly why we have to slow down. We need time to process and reflect. Take this day to reflect on what you’re thankful for. This can be a time that you realize what is actually going on in your life. It also gives you time to process about events you might not have given the time for earlier on.

Because my goal for you is to experience lifestyle balance, I understand that even something daily might take time to achieve. And that’s okay! But, breaking healthy habits into smaller, daily tasks should help you balance a healthy lifestyle. It also gives you a smaller amount of healthy habits to focus on until you’re ready to continue progressing. These healthy habits don’t need to be done in this order either! If you need to switch around the days-go ahead! This is YOUR lifestyle after all.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these healthy habits in the comments below! Do these healthy habits break down the monstrous big picture you might be facing? DO you think these healthy habits will be helpful in achieving an overall healthy lifestyle?

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