7 Health Tips for Women that Nobody is Telling You

health tips for women_health tips for women that nobody is telling you

When I started my health and fitness journey, I was inadvertently taking in bad information. In my search for how to eat gluten free (and soy free, and dairy free, etc.) I began to find interest in topics like “health tips for women” and “15 minute total body workouts”. I had begun to look at and absorb a ton of information but for a while, some of it led me down the wrong path. Fortunately, I now am educated in areas I wasn’t before and I can share my favorite health tips for women that nobody is really telling you!

Carbs are your friend:

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard people say, “I’m taking carbs out of my diet” or that they have found new low-carb recipes to help them lose weight. This is one of the best health tips for women that I can share. I’m not a fan of cutting out entire food groups from your diet and it’s why I think most diets suck. Carbs are your friend and you NEED to have them in your diet. And here’s why. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in your body. There are two types of carbs: simple and complex. In the most simple explanation, simple carbs break down for a quick source of energy (i.e. soda and juice) while complex carbs take longer to break down and provide lasting energy. The goal is to eat good carbs which are your complex carbs. These can be found in whole grains, dairy, and vegetables. That’s right-veggies! I bet no one told you that your veggies are carbs if they told you to eat a low carb diet! It’s not that carbs are bad for you, it’s just that you have to consume the right types of carbs. This is one of the health tips for women that need to be shared because a lack of carbohydrates in your diet can have poor effects (adrenal fatigue, irregular hormones, etc.). Eat your good carbs daily! Your body needs your diet to consist of 40-60% carbs in order to fuel your body properly!

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There is such a thing as too much protein:

You ARE able to have too much protein, and you might be guilty of committing this health faux pas if you’re not careful. As a woman, and someone who works with them, I know that we are concerned about gaining fat (no one wants to accidentally gain fat when we’re trying to LOSE it)! One of the best health tips for women I can give is to eat the right portions, and fitness trends don’t always communicate this well. Yes, protein IS good for you! But too much protein, and your body won’t have use for it. Your body needs protein for a variety of reasons (like repairing your muscles after exercise), but make sure that protein isn’t the majority of your food consumption! Any nutrient in excess will go unused and be converted to fat in the body…and that’s definitely the opposite of what you want.

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Eating less will not always make you skinny:

If you think starving yourself is the answer to a fit bod, I hate to tell you that you can actually do harm to your body! In order to start eating healthy, you actually have to eat. It’s a balance to figure out how to eat the right portions. This includes not overeating, while also not under eating. It’s pretty common knowledge that overeating can be harmful and aids in weight gain. But under eating gives way to metabolism issues as well as. By eating good, portion sized meals and snacks, you can actually encourage your metabolism to stay high. But, when you go without eating for long periods of time, your metabolism stays down (because it has gone into starvation mode). Not eating, and not eating often, trains your metabolism to process food slower, which prevents weight loss. This is one of the health tips for women that is really important to understand. You will have to find what works for your body in terms of how much food and how often, but eating less is not always the key to your weight loss. As women, require a delicate balance. Our eating can not only cause metabolism issues, but issues with our hormones as well (which can mandate weight loss or weight gain in our bodies).

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You need to lift weights

I KNOW that lifting weights is not what every woman wants to do! But, this is one of the health tips for women that NEEDS to be explained and then shared. You don’t have to lift heavy. But you DO need to lift. Here’s why:

Lifting weights (even if at the start it’s just your body weight), builds muscle. And the process of muscle burns calories AND fat. Say what?! Yep! And it’s a fitness myth that lifting weights is going to make you bulky. Ladies, you do not have the amount of testosterone that men have which allows them to build a ton of muscle. AND, it may only be realistic for you to have 1 pound of muscle gain every 6 weeks or so. So, lifting weights is not going to turn you into a hulky man monster (or whatever image that you have running around in your pretty little head).

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You don’t need to eat perfect 100% of the time:

I know this one is counter intuitive to probably everything you have heard regarding health. BUT, eating healthy 100% of the time is probably going to drive you crazy. This is one of the health tips for women that I give when I want you to focus on your lifestyle, rather than obsess over fitness and diet. I don’t call them cheat meals, but I do indulge. I try to maintain an 80/20 rule-80 percent healthy eating, and 20 percent not. There are a few reasons I keep this as a health tip for women (or just anyone pursuing a healthier lifestyle). The first is that eating healthy 100% of the time can lead to obsession. I don’t think obsessing over health is good. In fact, I think that our pursuit to be healthy can easily become distorted into something we didn’t plan for. The second reason to keep this rule, is that it allows us to enjoy foods that aren’t necessarily healthy, but in moderation. Sometimes when we can’t eat a good piece of cheesecake, or pretzel, or whatever unhealthy food you crave, we just end up binging. This brings on emotional guilt, as well as adverse health consequences. The third reason I think this one of the useful health tips for women is because it allows you to actually LIVE YOUR LIFE. How awful would it be if you were never able to eat new foods? Or enjoy a birthday or celebration? OR if you traveled to a new and amazing place and couldn’t try out the foods because they were “unhealthy”?! That wouldn’t be living…you’re a prisoner to health at the point. And health should give you freedom and balance. If it’s not, then we might need to work on it!

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Working out every day might be too much for you:

Working out is really good for your health. It can keep you at a healthy weight, prevent illness and disease, as well as provide mental and emotional clarity. Exercising regularly is one of the most common health tips for women that is shared. But, as good as exercising is, there is also a point where your body needs rest. As a general rule, I think it’s important to have at least one day a week that you’re NOT working out. This is necessary so that your body is able to rest and repair. You’re body needs rest more than you think. In our fast paced culture, we don’t always take the time for rest, which is why I include this in my health tips for women. Ladies, you’re bodies need rest! Let your body recover and repair so that your body is not damaged by hormone imbalance, stress, and sleep deprivation! If you need to, spend one morning getting extra hair-is-a-mess, deep sleep.

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Health is more than a physical transformation:

This is one of the biggest health tips for women I have because I know the emotional toll that can be associated with being healthy. Whether you are healthy, fit, overweight, toned, skinny, etc., knowing that your health is more than physical can provide you with so much hope. The fact is that seeking health can bring you to a point where you are trying to find your worth and identity in your appearance. Just as health is more than what you look like, so is your worth. Ladies, no matter WHAT you look like, you have worth! And no matter how healthy you are, you are valuable! But, seeking an internal transformation can give you motivation to be healthy. And, seeking an internal transformation can remind you WHO you are as a person. If you are looking to be healthy, just know that physical appearance and fitness alone will not satisfy you. We have a need to know and be loved, and that has to come for an internal transformation. Whether that is faith, or acknowledging who you are as a person, seek more than just a physical transformation in your journey.

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Although there are so many health tips for women I can share, these are just the most common I give out! This is the information people aren’t telling you most often, but you need to know it! No matter where you are on your health journey, look for factual information, that way you are not accidentally creating bad habits!

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