7 Areas of Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle

motivation for a healthy lifestyle

As a personal trainer and a health coach, I’m often asked, “Where do you find motivation for a healthy lifestyle?” And over the last few years I’ve noticed that finding motivation for a healthy lifestyle is one of the biggest struggles people have (myself included sometimes)! Not everyone’s motivation will be the same, but here are seven areas to motivate you to a healthy lifestyle! See which ones might be motivation for you and try them out.


I don’t know about you, but one area that is very important to my life is my relationships. My relationships with my family, friends, boyfriend, and people in my church motivate me every day. And in order to keep these relationships, we have to be healthy. Because people are SO important to me, this one of the biggest areas of motivation for a healthy lifestyle (at least in my own perspective). And if you want to stick around for your relationships, a healthy lifestyle is going to be necessary so you can! Let your relationships be motivation for a healthy lifestyle and you will have you external motivation to guide you.


I would say this normal wouldn’t be seen as an area of motivation for a healthy lifestyle, but I think it’s important to take your workout outdoors and get adventurous! This might mean taking your cardio to the park, or hiking some local trails. Or, you can try a completely NEW activity that gets you moving. It’s almost winter, so if you have snow near you try skiing or snowboarding. This can be a fun area of motivation, rather than feel like a burden. When I’m not dying from 100+ degree heat here in Phoenix, I’m hiking, kayaking, and taking day trips to flagstaff, Sedona, and Prescott for healthy new adventures! Adventure feels more inspiring to me than “just working out” but it also helps to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Inspirational Quotes

If you are moved in any way by words and wisdom, inspirational quotes can be an area to provide brief amounts of motivation for a healthy lifestyle. To repeatedly find motivation from quotes, you will probably have to look at quotes daily, but these can provide just the right amount of motivation. Whether it’s to get you through a workout, or to remind you why you’re on this journey, use inspirational quotes for an extra bit of motivation.


If you’re pursuing a healthy lifestyle, it can be difficult to achieve results on your own. Finding accountability, and keeping it, can be the perfect form of motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Accountability can come in the form of a coach, trainer, or even a group. But, accountability can be the motivation you need when you’re ready to quit. Accountability can be the reminder as to why you’ve started. It can remind you what you’re pursuing. And accountability can speak truth about your journey. If you haven’t found accountability yet, I would encourage you to seek accountability for your healthy lifestyle!

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You might have a competitive side and if that’s true, goals might be a great area of motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Goals challenge you to meet an expectation. You can also measure progress through small goals that lead up to a larger goal. This can help you see small accomplishments, rather than feeling like you’re working towards an unreasonable expectation. Let goals motivate you to keep working towards a healthy lifestyle in a way that you can measure and keep track of!


Who doesn’t like to be rewarded. If you are motivated by rewards, you can use that to advantage in your health journey. Give yourself a reward when you reach certain goals. And set the reward comparably to the goal you’ve met. If you’ve completed 100 workouts, reward yourself to a new workout outfit. When you’ve lost 10 pounds, reward yourself with a massage. Finding motivation for a healthy lifestyle with rewards will make you feel excited to keep going. And, you’ll feel good treating yourself too (this makes you associate healthy living with something positive)!

Feeling Better

This one is KEY. Living a healthy lifestyle should help you to feel better, in more ways than one. Some of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle include more energy, feeling more productive, more focus, and even more confidence. Knowing that you are going to start feeling better and living a happier life is great motivation for a healthy lifestyle. You’ll have peace that you are treating your body right and doing your part in preventing health problems. And feeling better will enable you to live the life you want!

If you struggle to find motivation for a healthy lifestyle, I would consider some of these! Figure out WHY you want to live a healthy lifestyle, and what’s going to keep encouraging you. A combination of both internal and external motivation will keep you going and pursuing a healthy lifestyle!

I would love to hear your thoughts about this blog post in the comments below! DO you struggle to find motivation for a healthy lifestyle? Are you going to try any of these tips to motivate you?

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