6 Weight Loss Exercises you can do at Home

weight loss exercises you can perform at home

If you are working out at home, you might be at a loss for weight loss exercises. But, it might not be as hard as you think. Weight loss is more than just a specific exercise that’s going to “magically” burn fat. Weight loss is the result of moving at a high enough level, or long enough to burn more calories than you are consuming. This requires a system of effective weight loss exercises, as well as proper nutrition. Here are my favorite weight loss exercises you can perform at home!


This is one of my favorite weight loss exercises for multiple reasons. The first, is that there are a ton of variations. You can perform squats with weights or without. You can also perform squats with varying foot stances to increase the difficulty and work specific muscles within your legs! The second reason that I love squats for weight loss exercises is that they are a huge calorie burner! Squats work mostly the lower body muscles, which are the largest muscles in the body. The larger muscles that you work, the more calories that are burned! And if you are looking for weight loss exercises, that is exactly what you want to be looking for!

weight loss exercises_squats

Push Ups

With proper form, push-ups can be highly effective for weight loss. This is an exercise that many ladies struggle with… I know, because this is the point in the workout where my clients tell me they hate me…;). But, that is the reason you need to include them in your list of weight loss exercises. Push-ups can be done at home with absolutely no equipment. Which is a bonus if you are just starting to build up your home gym! If you are new to push-ups, start with your hands directly under your shoulders, and knees on the ground. Make sure you tuck your belly button into your spine (to protect your lower back) throughout the entire movement. Inhale as you let down (eyes looking straight ahead) and exhale as you push up. Repeat for as many as you can up to 8. Repeat 3 times. This is another great challenge for weight loss. Proper push up form requires you to activate your entire body, which makes it a calorie burner! And what woman doesn’t want to be strong enough to move her own body weight?!

weight loss exercises -push-ups


Planks require you, your body weight, and the floor. That’s why they are great for any at home workout. They also require full activation of your entire body! Use these as a static (non-movement) exercise that will strengthen your core! These can be included in your weight loss exercises as an ab specific exercise, or just as a main staple you include in your workouts. Aim to be able to hold proper form for :15 seconds, then :20, then :30. As you progress, you can add variation such as side planks to target your oblique muscles, or plank ups for a fired up core workout!



You might want to kill me for even suggesting this, but burpees are one of the best weight loss exercises you can perform! Why? Because they bring your heart rate up and test your limits! Burpees are hard, no doubt about it. But, they will always be a challenge to your body weight. And who doesn’t feel a little bad saying they’ve completed burpees in their workouts?! And here’s the great news about burpees, even if you do just 1 minute of them, they will greatly aid in your weight loss goals! So, start with walk out burpees, and leave out the jump. When you’re ready, add the jump at the bottom. And when you’re ready to REALLY push yourself, you can add the jump at the top as well. This will be a high intensity move, which is why I include it in the great weight loss exercises-because I include it in most of my HIIT workouts!

burpees_weight loss exercises you can do at home


Here is another lower body blast that you should include in your fitness routine! Lunges are great as weight loss exercises because just like squats they burn a lot of calories using your larger muscle groups. Include walking lunges as a lower intensity cardio move, or reverse lunges to go easy on your knees (this is a great modifier because extra stress is placed on your booty instead of your joints 😉 ). And if you want to have a little bit of fun with your lunges, you can do reverse skater lunges instead!



Although these are a dreaded move, crunches are a staple in weight loss exercises. They can be varied in so many forms to burn those ab muscles! And if you are working out at home, they are highly effective to use with little to no equipment. I recommend using a stability ball if you have lower back pain (as both a cushion and support for your lumbar spine). You can start with crunches, then add variations such as bicycles and reach up crunches.

crunches_weight loss exercises you can do at home

These 6 weight loss exercises may seem basic, but they are effective. Proper form will require muscle activation, which is what creates the highest calorie burn! If you are working out at home for weight loss, start with the most basic form of each of these exercises. You can combine all 6 for a full body, weight loss workout that can easily be performed at home!

I would love to hear your thoughts about these weight loss exercises in the comments! Are you going to try incorporating these weight loss exercises at home? Do you think these exercises can aid your weight loss goals?

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