6 Places to Buy Cute Workout Clothes on a Budget

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To all of the girls who spend extended periods of time in their workout clothes, this one’s for you. It’s important to feel good in your own skin, and excited about your workout clothes (especially when yoga turns into dinner and then errands). No one wants to sacrifice style for their comfort in workout clothes. So where can you get cute workout clothes on a budget? Here’s the top 6 places I have found for cute, yet affordable fitness styles! Get cute workout clothes on a budget to help you feel extra sassy during your workouts without feeling guilty about your bank account.

Old Navy

Personally, I think Old Navy has made a style resurrection. Watch out mom jeans, because Old Navy might drop you soon! Okay, maybe not! But, they have an increasingly cute collection of clothes! And even better they have fitness styles! You can get cute workout clothes on a budget at Old Navy regularly now. They have basic workout bottoms and tops, and then have more “fancy” options as well. And even better, right now there’s a workout apparel sale going on! You can get tops from $6-$12 and bottoms for $20!

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This one might be surprising, but you can find some great workout clothes on a budget from Walmart. When in college, I started trying to budget more my senior year and found two pairs of compression capris for $6 each! That’s every college girls dream! To make it even better, these two pairs of pants have become some of my favorite pairs to wear during my workouts. The apparel department should have some basic workout clothes for you in cute colors.


I love Target. I think every woman loves target. Besides the fact that I could get lost in Target, I have found that they have some great styles for my workouts. I don’t know about you, but Target+cute workout clothes on a budget=obsession! Okay, but really, they have some great stuff! They have new styles and patterns OFTEN and they also have ridiculous clearance prices! If being cute and current is a must for your workout, check out Target! You will not be disappointed when you leave with cute workout clothes that didn’t break your bank account…well, maybe they did after you bought 20 items. 😉

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Image via Flickr


This is a new one for me, so if you don’t know what PoshMark is don’t worry! This is an app you can use right from your phone to buy cute workout clothes on a budget (or any other previously expensive name brand item)! People sell their new or slightly used clothes and accessories at a discounted price! Just a couple weeks ago I traded an old leather jacket for some Reebok compression shorts and a Bebe Sport fitted tank! I was able to get these cute workout clothes on a budget that was EXTREMELY low! You might have to do some searching on this one, but the selling/trading community is pretty great. And, you can get some really great brands for quite a discount! If you’re on the hunt for cute workout clothes on a budget, but you have expensive taste, the Poshmark app might be a great option for you!

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a girl’s best friend. With their amazing selection, there will definitely be for you there. They have an expensive fitness line now, so shopping for cute workout clothes on a budget will be easy! They have styled AND plain options so if you love to be bright, or edgy, or simple, there will definitely be an option for you at Forever. Their prices are pretty good for the most part, so you can definitely express yourself even in your workout clothes.

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Kohl’s has some great options if your budget is a little higher(but still not majorly high). Get cute workout clothes on a budget by taking advantage of their sales and Kohl’s cash offers! You can find really great quality fitness apparel here, which is why it’s a go to for me! I love to get the BEST quality at the most affordable price. Sometimes Kohl’s takes some searching but it’s so worth it. If you head over to Kohl’s, you will find cute workout clothes on a budget that outlast their price tag.

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Show your style with your workout clothes, but stay on budget! As much as I wish I could buy Lululemon or Lorna Jane for all of my workout gear, right now I need cute workout clothes on a budget. So, I will stick to these places until I can freely buy all the fancy yoga pants Lulu has to offer me!

What do you think about these places to buy cute workout clothes on a budget? Will you be headed there for your next workout apparel shopping? Are there any places I didn’t add to buy cute workout clothes on a budget?! Let me know in the comments!

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