2015 Gift Guide for the Health Conscious Soul

Christmas is fast approaching, so why not think outside the box this year? Give the gift of health this year with my 2015 holiday gift guide. What’s a better way to tell someone you care (and want them to stay around for a long time) than the gift of health?! Just make sure you gift these items to someone who wants them…not someone who you think needs them (because THAT could definitely create an awkward Christmas dinner).

For The Fashionista

Yoga pants are a girl’s best friend…or is that diamonds?? Well, either way you can’t go wrong! Every girl wants to look cute, even while they are working out, or contemplating the idea of working out! So, here are my favorite gift options for the fashionista in your life.

A Fabletics Outfit (my gift guide wouldn’t be complete without an affordable option)

Lorna Jane Outfit (not only is their stuff stylish, but a lot of it is truly positive and encouraging)

Lululemon Yoga Pants (Everyone LOVES LuLu so this is a must to include in my gift guide!)

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2015 gift guide_Fabletics
Image via Fabletics

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2015 gift guide_Lorna Jane
Image via Lorna Jane

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2015 gift guide_Lululemon
Image via Lululemon

For the Girl that Likes Surprises

Beauty products, gifts, and fitness all in one…the FabFitFun box can be gifted for a seasonal surprise! This is great because it’s more than JUST a beauty box. 4 times a year, your fit friend is going to receive a lovely surprise box of beauty, health, and wellness products! This is a pretty fun option in my gift guide because it’s always going to be a lovely surprise. The box will have FULL size products that she is sure to love!

2015 gift guide_FabFitFun
Image via FabFitFun

For The Runner in your Life

As a runner, I know how annoying it is not to be able to fit your stuff anywhere! But, I also don’t feel safe just not bringing anything with me. I do wear an arm band, but then I get worried that long workouts mean I am going to end up with a weird tan line (haha it’s definitely possible)! So I LOVE the idea of the flip belt. The flip belt is a form fitting athletic belt with multiple pockets. You can wear it around your waist and it is not supposed to move AT ALL. There are an assortment of colors to choose from as well! And, one of the pockets even includes a hook to keep your key or ring safe in the pocket! This would be a must in my gift guide for anyone you know that likes to take their workout outside!

Image via FlipBelt
Image via FlipBelt

For the Foodie

An Herb Kit from Rodale’s would be a great, and unique, gift for the foodie in your life! Being able to grow their own herbs would be a fun experience, that takes small commitment with this kit, and would add fresh herbs to their cooking! My gift guide includes this one because any foodie, or those passionate about healthy eating or organic food-would LOVE this!

For the Girl that NEEDS New Shoes

Every girl loves shoes, right?! And any fitness lover can’t deny that when fashion meets fitness…it’s a great combo! So who wouldn’t want some sparkly Nike’s? Glitter Kicks has some great customized Nike’s that are adorned with crystals, glitter, or cute fabrics. If you have a fitness fan you need to shop for, this gift guide is perfect. You can never go wrong with CUTE Nike’s!

Image via Glitter Kicks
Image via Glitter Kicks

I hope this 2015 gift guide helped you! Shopping for the Holiday’s can be difficult. But shopping for a health conscious soul can be rewarding. You gift them with something practical, yet absolutely more stylish than they could have imagined! And then they are obsessed and feel supported in their lifestyle!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this 2015 gift guide! Is this gift guide full of goodies you would LOVE? Is there anything else I can add to 2015 gift guide before it’s TOO late?!

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